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Meeting on 28 September 2010

Clydesdale Camera Club members were joined at their meeting on Tuesday 28/9/10 by friends from as far away as Carstairs and Biggar for a presentation by guest speaker Denis Alyshev. Russian born Denis has been taking photographs since the age of twelve and twenty years later he developed a passion for 3D photography. During the evening Denis gave an insight into the art of 3D photography. This presentation showed the techniques of 3D pictures, which can create an atmospheric feeling almost taking you into the image itself. So real were they that it was hard to believe they were just photographs. Denis shared a wide range of photographs taken in Moscow, Russia and China, as well as Glasgow. He explained that to create a 3D image, the photographer needs to take two photographs of the same scene or subject, but with a slight movement of the camera between taking the shots. To present the finished image he used two projectors. This required everyone was wearing a pair of 3D glasses. Past President John Zawadzki gave Denis a well deserved vote of thanks.