Season 2019/2020

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Internal Competition Round 3

On Monday 17th February the club welcomed Stan Miller of Alba Photographic Club as judge for our last digital competition, Landscape, Creative/Abstract and Open.
Stan gave a very good appraisal of the images and added constructive criticism where he felt the images could be improved.
Internal competition secretary David Spinks thanked Stan for his comments and marking of the images.
Results were as follows:-

League B Open
1st Glasgow Trails – Charlie Cairns,
2nd Birkwood in Decline – Charlie Cairns,
3rdSligachan Bothy – Shirley Markham.

League A Open
1stSasha – John Zawadzki,
2nd Drink up Valclav, our Taxis arrived – John Zawadzki,
3rd Scavenger – David Spinks.

League B Landscape
1stLindisfarne Fence – Charlie Cairns,
2nd Frosty Morning – Donna Steele,
3rd Early Morn Glen Coe – Arthur Archibald.

League A Landscape
1stThornton Force – John Zawadzki,
Joint 2nd Eilean Donan Boat – David Smith and High Force – David Smith,
3rd Tinto Vista – John Zawadzki.

League B Creative/Abstract
1stCircle of Love – Donna Steele,
2nd Amsterdams Wonky Buildings – Charlie Cairns,
3rd Crane – Arthur Archibald.

League A Creative/Abstract
1stWet Plate Portrait Sitting – John Zawadzki,
2nd Walk in the Surf – Robin Brown,
3rd Toxic Shoe – Sarah Peters.