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Competition results

The meeting on 14/12/10 was the judging of the clubs' internal Landscape and Action competitions. Both competitions were for colour images and comprised of both print and digital images.

the results were as follows:

Landscape (print)
1st - Gavin Forrest (Nowhere to hide).
2nd - Gavin Forrest (Arancione).
3rd - Robin Brown (Clyde at night).

Landscape (digital)
1st - John Zawadzki (Alba winter scene).
2nd - John Zawadzki (Caledonia).
3rd - Gavin Forrest (Tantallon castle).

Action (print)
1st - John Zawadzki (Shire horse exhibitor).
2nd - John Zawadzki (Kart racer).
3rd - David Smith (Scrambler).

Action (digital)
1st - Robin Brown (Out).
2nd - Gavin Forrest (On top of his game).
3rd - David Smith (Scrambling).

Congratulations to all winners.